Refurbishment Or Demolition: When Is Something Worthwhile?

Everyone who has already carried out a house renovation knows that it is a big decision, shaped by many personal and economic factors. Can my property be renovated, or does it have to be demolished and completely rebuilt? Below you will find food for thought and a short guide.

The Basic Considerations

First of all, there are two important things to consider: the cost factor and the health factor. Is it worth keeping the old building fabric, or is it cheaper to tear it down and build something completely new? Experience shows that it is cheaper to renovate and preserve as much of the old building fabric as possible. The disposal of building rubble and problematic materials is expensive, and the associated additional costs are high. However, if you want a basement where there wasn’t one before, you have to demolish and build a new one. Other indicative questions can be:

  • Are pollutants such as asbestos built into my old building, possibly from the post-war period?
  • Do I have old, in the worst-case lead-contaminated water pipes?
  • Is my house insulated and well glazed or a bottomless pit in terms of annual heating costs?

Good Advice Is (Not Very) Expensive

Establish contact with an appraiser, building expert, master builder, or architect to assess the overall situation. Building screening like this costs money, but it provides the decisive basis for targeted action. This will save you a lot of trouble and follow-up costs later. After receiving the report, it is clear whether a new building or renovation is more worthwhile or whether there is no need to live in – would like to offer the vacant building site for sale. This consideration is worthwhile in locations where building land is in demand.

Do You Renovate Yourself?

Furthermore, one should warn against “renovating” the house on one’s own. It is appealing to follow your creative instinct – and for smaller projects, it is also much cheaper to work on your own house. Here, too, you are well-advised to seek help from a design build remodel specialist so that you don’t have to throw the house onto the real estate market as a “hobbyist hit” at some point.

Avoid “Building Sins”

Another essential factor in renovations is clarifying the construction work with the municipality. If you want to apply a neon pink wall paint in a listed old town location, limits are quickly shown here.